About Company

Are you struggling to find a builder in London with the same high
standards as you?

We provide high end building services for homes, businesses and block
property managers.

MME interiors guarantee the perfect finish, completed on time and with
minimum hassle. We are able to carry out all aspects of home and
commercial redecorating, carpentry, tiling, plastering, including
property refurbishments and renovation.

Whether you are a commercial retailer, leisure business, or owner of a
large residential home, you can find that many building businesses in
London do the work around what is convenient for them rather than what
is best for you. They work their hours, not what causes you minimum
disruption. They leave everything ready for the next day, rather than
leaving no evidence of having been there. And they treat the timetable
as a guideline rather than a deadline.

Our success is based on combining experienced, rigorous quality
control and flexible hours of working. Our desire to be invisible even
extends to the use of eco-paints with no smell if that is what you
need, to ensure clients comfort and complete satisfaction.

From whole house or office renovation or even to just changing the
curtains, no job is never deemed too small. Every client receives the
same high standards of excellence which is the ethos of the practice.

If you have an immediate need please call us on 07701084557 to discuss
our approach further. If you aren’t ready to start work yet, but wish
to discuss future ideas with one of London’s top companies – please
don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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